LED Whip Lights for UTVs: A Fun and Functional Accessory Complete Guide

Are you looking for a fun accessory to make your UTV stand out? LED whip lights add the perfect blend of style and usability to any off-road vehicle. Our complete guide will help you make an informed decision on whether this upgrade is right for you. So, let’s get started!

LED whip lights are quickly becoming one of the most popular accessories for off-roading vehicles such as UTVs, four-wheelers, and ATVs. Off-road enthusiasts love the convenience and style that LED whips bring to their vehicles. Not only do they provide extra visibility and safety on trails, but they also make vehicles look more stylish while adding more fun to any ride.

This guide explores in detail what LED whip lights are, how they work, and the many factors you should consider when choosing a light set for your vehicle. We’ll cover various types of UTV whip lights, mounting options, sizes available, features to look out for and more!

Finally we will provide some tips on how to get the most out of your new whip lights in order to enjoy their benefits safely and reliably.

Features of LED Whip Lights for UTVs

When purchasing LED whip lights for UTVs, it is important to remember that there are a wide variety of features from which to choose. There are basic features that are common among most LED whip lights like built-in controller with remote control, color changing capabilities and adjustable length.

Additionally, UTV LED whip lights come in a variety of styles including single color, multi-color and RGB models which allow the user to customize the look of their vehicle for any occasion.

LED whips typically include mounting options like permanent mounting screws or an adjustable mounting base which allow the user to adjust the angle of the whip easily and securely. In addition, some models include an optional sound/light mode as well as other frequency effects enhancing their visual appeal even further.

Built-in electronics help protect these whips against extreme temperature and intense vibration so they can be used in wet conditions or rugged terrains without compromising performance. With all these exciting features, LED whip lights can truly transform any ATV/UTV into a unique and fashionable statement piece!

Size and length

When it comes to selecting LED whip lights for UTVs, size and length are key considerations. Depending on your vehicle and the look you want to achieve, you may be able to choose a variety of lengths. Some of the popular sizes include 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and even longer. Whip length can vary by manufacturer. It’s important to read the description of each product carefully before purchasing. Additionally there are accessories such as brackets available that allow multiple whips together – resulting in a “swoosh” look along your vehicle!

Also important when selecting whip lights is diameter — typically 5/16” or 3/8″. The base diameter is also critical as this needs to match the pole mount on your UTV. Some whips will include universal joints and thread adapters allowing them to fit any mounting pole configuration for all side-by-side vehicles.

Finally LED colors are an important consideration — available in single or multiple colors (such as the color changing RGB version). Be sure to check if additional accessories like wired controllers or wireless remotes (for RGB products) come with your LED whips purchase before you select a specific model.

Color options

With LED whip lights for UTVs, you can’t go wrong with any of the available color options. From bright and bold to subtle and calming, these LED whips come in a variety of different shades. Whether you choose red, white, blue, green or one of the many other available colors, you’ll be sure to enjoy the look and feel of your new accessory.

If you prefer to keep things a bit more subtle, you could opt for an amber colored light. Amber lights are ideal for providing a bit of illumination without blinding your view or becoming too bright for nighttime excursions. For those who want something truly unique, there’s even an option to mix together two shades so that each time the whip light goes on or off it changes between two different colors. No matter what color scheme you decide on, having LED whips will make any ride more exciting!

Types of LED Whip Lights for UTVs

The type of LED whip light you choose will depend on a few different factors, including your budget, desired color and brightness, and the riding conditions. From fireworks-style displays to patterns that adapt to your environment, there are several types of LED whip lights available to UTV owners.

First and foremost, safety always needs to be kept in mind when shopping for lighting for off-road vehicles. Make sure the product is made out of high-quality materials that can handle the roads you plan to tackle with your UTV. Also consider the components’ IP ratings; the higher IP rating (from dustproofing and water resistance), the better protection from wind and nature’s elements.

Following is an overview of what’s out there so you can make an informed decision as you shop:

  • Fireworks/lightning display LEDs provide a firework or lightning display at various intervals while driving down the trails–provide peak performance even in extreme conditions such as rain, wind or mud
  • RGB pattern light options have customizable colored patterns and waves that can be switched up or customized based on where you ride; commonly come with an IR controller or Bluetooth app capability
  • Adaptive light patterns change color when traveling at different speeds; Motion sensors allow change in length relative to your speed allowing efficiency without compromising safety
  • Low noise intensity gas discharge (LNIGD) whips offer smooth light transition with minimal flicker caused by engine vibration; great for any electrical lighting applications

Single-color LED Whip Lights

Utilizing a single color LED whip light is an easy and fun way to add personality to your UTV. This type of LED light can typically come in three sizes: four, five, or eight feet. It is important to factor in the size of your UTV when choosing the size of the whip light as a longer one may interfere with or obscure parts of it.

Single-color LED whips are often available in multiple colors, including solid colors and blended ones like pink, green and teal.

The lights draw very little power so they won’t drain your battery quickly or require complex wiring. They usually plug into existing wiring so there’s no need for complex installation either; most kit includes everything you need except for basic hand tools. These lights also feature unique flashes which will ensure your UTV stands out from the crowd!

Multi-color LED Whip Lights

Multi-color LED whip lights add an extra element of excitement to UTVs. This type of LED light can flash any color, creating a dynamic and enjoyable atmosphere. Many users design custom shows, setting the light to specific patterns or colours. Most multi-color LED whip lights feature a durable BAPV plate mounted on top that is designed to hold up in the toughest riding conditions.

UPG lighting offers high quality, Made in the USA multi-color LED whips that are USB rechargeable and remote control enabled. The UPG products feature magnetic connectors so they can be quickly connected or disconnected at anytime and hooks that secure the light in place for safer operation during high speeds. The UPG patent pending technology enables 5 times brighter illumination than any other brand on market today!

They offer a large selection of different lengths from 2ft all the way up to 8ft long whips with full color changing capabilities with truly spectacular results!

Benefits of LED Whip Lights for UTVs

UTVs are incredibly popular and versatile vehicles, with many people using them for both recreational and functional purposes. LED whip lights provide owners of UTVs with additional safety and visibility, as well as the ability to customize their ride. Here are just a few of the benefits of LED whip lights for your UTV:

  1. Improved Visibility and Safety – LED whip lights make UTVs more visible in low light environments or at night, providing better overall illumination for enhanced safety. The addition of an LED whip light can make it easier to be seen from far away, alerting other drivers of your presence on the road or trail.
  2. Variety of Sizes and Colors – LED whips come in a variety of sizes and colors depending on your personal preference. With a variety of options available, you can easily customise the look of your ride with eye-catching designs that stand out from the crowd.
  3. Durability – Compared to conventional whips made from cloth or plastic, LED whips are much more durable and resistant to wear and tear over time, meaning they can last much longer before needing to be replaced.
  4. Easy Installation – Most LED whip light accessories come pre-assembled which makes installation incredibly easy with minimal effort required on your end. In most cases, installation can be completed within minutes without any professional help necessary!

Increased Visibility

A LED whip light is an essential and innovative accessory for your off-road UTV (utility terrain vehicle) that provides you with extra visibility and also helps for personal identification. LED whip lights attach to your vehicle’s roll cage, making it easier to be seen from the side or from behind. They are a great safety measure, especially when riding in low-light areas such as sand dunes or off-road trails.

LED whip lights provide additional illumination, helping you spot obstacles ahead, alerting other riders in the vicinity of your position and helping guide fellow riders in dark conditions. There are many different types of LED whips available on the market today, ranging from single-color solutions to multi-colored options. Whatever you choose will depend on your individual preferences and off-roading style.

The most common type of whip is a single color that simply provides a solid source of light such as white or amber when illuminated. These types of whips tend to be relatively affordable and user friendly; the setup is usually simple and easy to install with minimal wiring involved. Multi-colored whips involve purchasing more than one color and usually involve more complex installation due to their multiple lighting patterns.

LED whips provide UTV drivers with an important safety feature: improved visibility for yourself, other drivers, and objects around you at night time or in low light conditions. When appropriately hooked up, they can help improve safety by increasing visibility from behind or from the side when driving on back roads or sand dunes — ultimately making off-roading much more enjoyable for everyone involved!

Your Guide to LED Whip Lights Length For ATV UTV

Enhanced Safety

LED whip lights are an excellent way to both enhance the look of your UTV and increase safety. LED lights are much brighter than traditional lighting systems, which significantly enhances visibility for those inside and outside of the vehicle. This improved visibility helps keep drivers and groups more aware of their surroundings, making it easier to stay safe on the trails at night.

The colors available in LED whips are another safety feature; you can use different color combinations to make your vehicle stand out in a crowd. If you’re traveling with a larger group, this will also help keep everyone together on the trails and make it easier to locate each other should someone become lost during an adventure. The multi-colored effects available with most systems also create a beautiful visual effect that will turn heads no matter what trail or event you’re attending.

Choosing the Best LED Whip Lights for UTVs

When it comes to choosing the best LED whip lights for UTVs, there are a few things to consider. You’ll want to take into account the size and shape of your vehicle, as well as the type of terrain you’re planning on driving on. Additionally, it’s important to look for lights that have a good heat resistance rating, since they will be exposed to engine heat while driving. There are a variety of different types of LED whip lights available on the market, so you’ll want to choose the ones that meet your needs.

First, determine your vehicle size and shape. Larger vehicles will require larger whip mounts and heavier-duty light assemblies than smaller ones. Some models are made specifically for side-by-sides or ATV’s while others may be designed more generally to fit any type of UTV. If possible, look at samples before making a purchase in order to get a sense of which model is right for you.

Next, consider the type of terrain you plan on tackling with your UTV in order to find appropriate LED whip lights that can withstand all types of weather and conditions. You’ll want whips with plenty of beam spread in order for them to illuminate tight corners or other obstacles that can appear suddenly at night or during bad weather. Additionally, look for light bars with higher waterproof ratings so they can hold up against splashes from puddles or streams when driving through deeper waters or mud pits out in the wilds.

Lastly, make sure any LED whip lights you choose have a high heat resistance rating because they could become exposed to engine heats while driving off-roading vehicles through hot climates or during summer months when temperatures rise quickly outdoors. Consider paying extra attention here since subpar materials can often fail after just one season — resulting in both headaches and more expenses down the line!

Purpose of the LED Whip Lights

LED whip lights offer a fun and functional accessory to make your UTV standout. These streamer-style lights are exceptionally flexible, allowing you to change the direction and shape of the lighted area with ease. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, LED whips also offer improved night visibility along with an increased safety margin that can’t be provided by traditional vehicle lighting.

The LED whips, like most other vehicle lighting, are LED based and contain three primary components: the source driver module which houses and regulates the LEDs, power connectors which allow power to flow through the unit, and a flexible whip cord/tubing that wraps around an antenna mast or flagpole in order for it to remain upright. Not all LED whips are created equal therefore it’s a good idea to educate yourself on them before you purchase one since prices vary based on quality. Let’s look at those key components in greater detail.

The Source Driver Module: The driver module is responsible for regulating and powering up whatever type of LEDs have been chosen for your particular whip build. This could take the form of a standard AMP/mm2 connected device or may include advanced heat sink technology for increased longevity when exposed to extreme temperatures or terrain conditions. Either way, this is a very important feature that you should definitely factor into your decision when making a purchase as more sophisticated technologies will cost more but increase performance and lifespan of your hardware considerably.

Power Connectors: In order for those LEDs to perform their best they need reliable connection points which are able to carry both positive (+) and negative (-) current from one end of the whip light to another. From there power is evenly distributed among individual bulbs or LED strips mounted within the whip itself in order for them be lit up with appropriate brightness levels when desired.

Length of the LED Whip Lights

The length of LED whip lights vary from two feet to nine feet, depending on the product. There are many advantages to using longer whips, such as giving your UTV additional visibility when driving at night, as well as increasing the overall look and appeal of your vehicle. Short whips provide fewer benefits but still give your ride a unique look and low-level illumination.

When deciding on which length is right for you, consider if you will be riding off-road at night or just special occasions. Remember that a longer whip is more susceptible to tangling with trees and other objects in tight areas. Think about what type of environment you will be driving in and decide accordingly.


In conclusion, LED whip lights are an exciting way to customize your UTV with functional lighting and awesome colors. It’s a great way to draw attention on the trails, make yourself visible in lowlight conditions, and spice up your ride with your favorite color. Plus, since they are easy to install and don’t require any cutting or drilling, it’s a rapidly growing trend that people of all ages can enjoy.

From the various mounting styles to the unbeatable led quality, there is no doubt that LED whips can take your ride over the top. So whether you’re looking for a reliable safety addition or just some extra flash; there is no doubt that LED whips have become one of today’s must-have UTV accessories.

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What are LED whip lights for?

LED whip lights are typically used as a decorative lighting accessory for off-road vehicles such as ATVs, UTVs, and dune buggies.

Do I need a relay for LED whip lights?

It is recommended to use a relay when installing LED whip lights to prevent overloading the electrical system of your vehicle.

Can you wire whip lights directly to battery?

Yes, it is possible to wire whip lights directly to the battery of your vehicle, but it is recommended to use a fuse and switch for safety purposes.

Can you put whip lights on a car?

Yes, whip lights can be installed on cars, but they are more commonly used on off-road vehicles.

How many watts is a LED whip?

The wattage of an LED whip light can vary depending on the manufacturer and model, but they typically range from 20 to 50 watts.

How do you use a light whip?

LED whip lights are typically used as a decorative accessory for off-road vehicles and are controlled by a switch mounted in the vehicle’s cabin.

What are the benefits of LED lights?

Benefits of LED lights include energy efficiency, longer lifespan, durability, and the ability to produce brighter and more vivid colors.

What are LED whips made of?

LED whips are typically made of a flexible material such as fiberglass or poly-carbonate and contain an array of LED lights.

What is the best LED whip to buy?

The best LED whip to buy depends on personal preference and the specific needs of your vehicle, but some popular brands include Gorilla Whips, Quick Release Whip, and Xprite.

How do you take care of LED whip?

To take care of your LED whip, it is recommended to clean it regularly with a soft cloth and mild detergent, and store it in a cool, dry place when not in use.

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