Best utv battery 2023

Are you looking for the best UTV battery for your ride in 2023? You’re in the right place! Here, we review different UTV battery options, discussing their features and benefits so you can make an informed decision. With our comprehensive guide, find the perfect battery to ensure a safe, smooth ride this summer!

Best utv battery 2023

  1. NOCO NLP30 UTV Battery (Editor’s Pick)
  2. LotFancy UTV Battery  (Best Overall)
  3. POWERSTAR UB30L-B UTV Battery (Budget Friendly)
  4. POWO Carlife Battery 
  5. DEWINNER UTV Battery
  6. UTV Big Battery
  7. RENEGADE UTV Battery

1)NOCO NLP30 UTV Battery

Best utv battery

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The NOCO NLP30 UTV Battery is a great choice for any off-roading enthusiast. It offers a powerful 700-amps and 10X more energy storage than traditional lead-acid batteries, making it more than capable of handling any tough adventure. Additionally, this battery is (environmentally friendly) with its NOCO Lithium technology.

The battery is also equipped with a Dynamic BMS system for temperature-controlled charging and a Superfast Charging feature that can get your battery ready to go much faster than before. Its Universal and Compatible design ensures that it’ll fit in any UTV, allowing you to swap out your current battery with ease.Overall, the NOCO NLP30 UTV Battery offers a great combination of power, convenience, and compatibility. Its advanced features make it the perfect choice for any off-roading adventure.

The NOCO NLP30 UTV Battery is a top-of-the-line lithium-ion battery designed for ultimate performance and reliability. Measuring 6.81 x 5.2 x 8.39 inches, it falls under the Group 30 size category and weighs a mere 6.09 pounds. The battery’s four lithium-ion cells are housed within a painted exterior, and it features a stud terminal for easy installation.

One of the standout features of the NOCO NLP30 UTV Battery is its dynamic BMS (Battery Management System). This system ensures that the battery is operating at maximum efficiency and safety at all times. Additionally, the battery boasts superfast charging capabilities, allowing for quick and convenient recharging as needed.

To ensure that the NOCO NLP30 UTV Battery is compatible with a wide range of UTV models, it has been designed to be universal in its fit. This means that it can be used with multiple UTV models and brands without issue. The battery’s high-quality construction also ensures its stability and longevity, providing you with reliable power for all of your UTV needs.

NOCO Lithium NLP30 Fast hand review

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  1. Dynamic BMS for efficient and safe battery operation
  2. Superfast charging capabilities for quick and convenient recharging
  3. Universal fit for compatibility with multiple UTV models and brands
  4. High-quality construction for stability and longevity
  5. Lightweight design for easy handling and installation



Brand NOCO
Size Group 30
Voltage 12 Volts
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion
Item Weight 6.09 Pounds

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2)LotFancy UTV Battery 

Best utv battery

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The LotFancy UTV Battery is a reliable and durable power source for a variety of automotive, ATV and UTV applications. Its key features provide great performance and cost savings. Firstly, its 60V capacity provides plenty of power and extended battery life. Secondly, the ABS plastic enclosure is both strong and lightweight.

Thirdly, the removable side terminals and mounting hardware provide secure mounting and quick access to cables. Lastly, the tin-plated terminals and robust construction ensure reliable operation in even the roughest terrain. Overall, the LotFancy UTV Battery packs a lot of features into an affordable package. It is suitable for a range of needs and provides a secure power source for a variety of vehicles.

The LotFancy UTV Battery is a top-quality battery designed specifically for use in UTVs. Measuring 3.86 x 2.87 x 2.83 inches and weighing just 10.23 ounces, this compact battery is easy to install and operate. The battery’s screw connector type and panel mount mounting type make it easy to connect to your UTV’s electrical system.

One of the standout features of the LotFancy UTV Battery is its ON-OFF operation mode, which allows you to easily turn the battery on and off as needed. This is further facilitated by the battery’s rotary actuator type and copper material, which ensure reliable and efficient performance. Additionally, the battery boasts an impressive current rating of 1250 amps and an operating voltage of 12 volts.

The LotFancy UTV Battery also features a kill switch, which is an important safety feature in UTVs. This switch allows you to quickly and easily shut off the battery in case of an emergency. The battery’s international protection rating of IP54 ensures that it is protected against dust and water ingress, making it ideal for use in even the most challenging off-road conditions.

1-2-Both-Off Battery Disconnect Switch Fast hand review

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  1. Compact dimensions for easy installation and operation
  2. ON-OFF operation mode for easy control
  3. Rotary actuator type and copper material for reliable and efficient performance
  4. Kill switch for added safety
  5. International protection rating of IP54 for protection against dust and water



Brand LotFancy
Switch Type Kill Switch
Material Copper
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Actuator Type Rotary

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Best utv battery

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The POWERSTAR UB30L-B UTV Battery offers great features such as improved power, top performance and compatibility with most UTVs. It has no acid and leading, so it’s safe and reliable to be used. The cranking power is also very good, it starts up quickly and has a powerful charging ability. Maintenance is also made easy, as the internal structure being very well designed, so it can go months without needing to be serviced.

The battery can also withstand higher temperatures and vibrations, making it ideal for use in ATVs and other UTVs. It also has a very good price tag for its features, making it one of the best UTV batteries in the market. All in all, the POWERSTAR UB30L-B UTV Battery is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and powerful battery for their UTV.

The Powerstar UB30L-B UTV Battery is a high-quality battery designed for use in all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility terrain vehicles (UTVs). Measuring 6.61 x 5 x 6.85 inches and weighing 22 pounds, this powerful battery is built to last and can provide reliable power for all your off-road adventures. The battery’s 12-volt voltage rating and high cranking amps make it ideal for starting even the most powerful UTV engines.

One of the standout features of the Powerstar UB30L-B UTV Battery is its high-performance maintenance-free design. This means that the battery requires no maintenance or upkeep, and it comes equipped with terminal bolts for easy installation. The battery’s low self-discharge rate also ensures that it maintains its charge for extended periods, so you can rely on it even after long periods of storage.

In addition to its impressive performance, the Powerstar UB30L-B UTV Battery also comes with a 2-year industry-leading warranty. This warranty ensures that you can use your battery with confidence, knowing that it is backed by the manufacturer’s commitment to quality and durability.

UB30L-B YB30L-B 12V Polaris Ranger 2×4 ATV UTV Battery Fast hand review

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  1. High-performance maintenance-free design for easy use
  2. Low self-discharge rate for extended storage life
  3. Comes with terminal bolts for easy installation
  4. High cranking amps for reliable starting power
  5. 2-year industry-leading warranty for added peace of mind



Vehicle Service Type ATV
Voltage 12 Volts
Item Weight 22 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH 6.61 x 5 x 6.85 inches

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4)POWO Carlife Battery 

Best utv battery

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The POWO Carlife Battery is an amazing battery. It is designed to be strong and sturdy so that it can perform in any conditions. It has a voltage of 13.3 volts which is great for powering your car. The LED indicator tells you how much charge the battery has so you wont be caught out.

The sensitive relay panel ensures the battery is secure. The POWO feature makes this battery even better as it helps to protect your car’s electronics from short circuits and other issues. Overall, the POWO Carlife Battery is a great choice for keeping your car running smoothly.

The POWO Carlife Battery is a powerful and reliable battery designed to keep your car running smoothly. Weighing just 6.4 ounces and measuring 3.43 x 3.07 x 2.32 inches, this compact battery is easy to install and fits into most standard battery compartments. The battery is manufactured by POWO Carlife, a trusted name in automotive batteries.

One of the standout features of the POWO Carlife Battery is its strong and sturdy construction. This battery is built to withstand harsh weather conditions, rough roads, and other challenges of daily use. It also features voltage protection to prevent damage to your car’s electrical system and ensure that it runs smoothly.

The POWO Carlife Battery also features an LED indicator, which makes it easy to monitor the battery’s status and determine when it needs to be recharged or replaced. This feature can be especially helpful for those who use their cars frequently and need to ensure that their battery is always charged and ready to go.

POWO Carlife 12V 140Amp Dual Battery Fast hand review

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  1. Strong and sturdy construction for reliable performance
  2. Voltage protection to prevent damage to your car’s electrical system
  3. LED indicator for easy monitoring of battery status
  4. Easy to install in most standard battery compartments
  5. Wide application for use in a variety of vehicles



Manufacturer POWO Carlife
Brand POWO Carlife
Item Weight 6.4 ounces
Package Dimensions 3.43 x 3.07 x 2.32 inches
Item model number POWO Carlife – BM140

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Best utv battery

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The DEWINNER UTV Battery is the perfect choice for powering UTVs, quads and other outdoor vehicles. With 140 amps, dual battery configuration and 12V 4WD, it is specially designed for these types of applications. The crimp feature makes it very easy and convenient to install, as it easily snaps into place.

The panel mount feature lets you mount the battery relatively easily, and the 12V 4WD lets you use it in various vehicles. The 140 amp max output is amazing, and with its dual battery setup, it provides more than enough power for many of the more demanding applications. Overall, I would highly recommend the DEWINNER UTV Battery to anyone looking for a reliable and powerful power source for their vehicles.

The Dewinner UTV Battery is a powerful and reliable battery designed specifically for use in off-road vehicles. This battery is built to withstand the rigors of rough terrain and harsh conditions, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy off-road adventures. Measuring 3.09 x 8.74 x 12.2 inches and weighing just 3.86 pounds, this battery is compact and easy to install.

One of the standout features of the Dewinner UTV Battery is its voltage-sensitive relay. This relay ensures that the battery is always operating at optimal levels, providing reliable power to your UTV’s electrical system. The battery’s crimp connector type and panel mount mounting type also make it easy to connect to your UTV and install in a variety of configurations.

In addition to its impressive performance, the Dewinner UTV Battery also boasts a wide range of applications. This battery is compatible with a variety of UTV models and brands, making it a versatile choice for anyone looking to upgrade their off-road vehicle’s battery. The manufacturer also offers a comprehensive warranty and support program, ensuring that you can buy with confidence.

DEWINNER 12V 140 Amp Dual Battery Fast hand review

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  1. Easy to install for quick and hassle-free installation
  2. Voltage-sensitive relay for optimal battery performance
  3. Fits a wide variety of UTV models and brands
  4. Comprehensive warranty and support program for added peace of mind
  5. Compact dimensions for easy installation in a variety of configurations



Connector Type Crimp
Contact Type Normally Open
Current Rating 140 Amps
Mounting Type Panel Mount

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6)UTV Big Battery

Best utv battery

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The UTV Big Battery is one of the best batteries on the market. It is manufactured by UTVS1200 and is designed specifically for powersport applications. This battery is made from premium lead-acid technology and uses advanced AGM construction for increased performance and reliability.The UTV Big Battery is lightweight and compact, weighing just 6 kilograms.

This allows for easy installation and minimal effort when replacing existing batteries. It also features high cranking amps that make starting difficult vehicles much easier and faster. Ready for the most extreme conditions, the UTV Big Battery is fully sealed and completely maintenance-free and leak-free. This makes it ideal for passenger cars, off-road vehicles and ATV. In conclusion, I can highly recommend the UTV Big Battery. It is made with premiumlead-acid technology, has a compact design, is lightweight and offers high cranking amps. It is maintenance-free and designed to work in harsh conditions. With its many features, this battery is an excellent choice for any extra-large battery needs.

The UTV Big Battery by UTV Stereo is a high-performance battery designed for use in UTVs. With a lead-acid AGM battery cell composition, this battery is built to last and can withstand the rigors of off-road use. Measuring 10.5 x 10.3 x 10.2 inches and weighing 13.2 pounds, this battery is a direct replacement for your UTV’s OEM starting battery.

One of the standout features of the UTV Big Battery is its ability to upgrade your UTV’s starting power. This battery provides more starting power than your UTV’s OEM battery, ensuring that your UTV starts quickly and easily every time. The battery’s AGM cell composition also means that it requires no maintenance and can be recharged quickly and easily.

In addition to its impressive performance, the UTV Big Battery is designed to be easy to install. The battery comes with all the hardware you need to install it in your UTV, and it is compatible with most UTV models and brands. The manufacturer also provides comprehensive support and warranty programs, ensuring that you can buy with confidence.

UTV Stereo Can Am X3 Big Battery Fast hand review

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  1. Provides more starting power than OEM battery for improved performance
  2. AGM cell composition for maintenance-free operation
  3. Easy to install with included hardware and compatibility with most UTV models and brands
  4. Comprehensive support and warranty programs for added peace of mind
  5. Direct replacement for OEM battery for hassle-free installation



Brand UTV Stereo
Vehicle Service Type UTV
Battery Cell Composition Lead-Acid, AGM
Item Weight 6 Kilograms
Manufacturer UTV Stereo

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Best utv battery

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The RENEGADE UTV Battery offers a great solution for powersports applications with its 14.6 lbs weight, providing large power and small weight. With 500 CCA and 105 RC rating, the battery is capable of providing the boost needed for extended use. The AGM construction ensures the battery will remain secure in rigorous environments and not corrode or suffer from vibration damage.

The Absorbed Glass Mat design also allows for greater recharging capabilities. Additionally, the CCA’s rating of 450 amps provide the assurance that the battery will remain powerful across any driving conditions.Overall, the RENEGADE UTV Battery is a great choice for powersport applications, offering solid power and weight specs, secure AGM construction and ample CCA’s. With the combination of these features, the battery is suitable for any application requiring extended performance.

The Renegade UTV Battery is a powerful and reliable battery designed specifically for use in UTVs. Measuring 6-3/4 x 3-1/4 x 6-1/8 inches and weighing 14.6 pounds, this battery is designed to fit into most UTV battery compartments. The battery is manufactured by Renegade Battery, a trusted name in automotive batteries.

One of the standout features of the Renegade UTV Battery is its high cold cranking amps (CCA). With a rating of 500 CCA, this battery provides reliable starting power even in the coldest weather conditions. The battery’s impact-resistant case and cover also ensure that it can withstand the rigors of off-road use, including vibration and shock.

In addition to its impressive performance, the Renegade UTV Battery is designed to be easy to install. The battery comes with all the hardware you need to install it in your UTV, and it is compatible with most UTV models and brands. The battery is also designed to be maintenance-free, so you can rely on it to provide reliable power without any hassle.

UTV Battery Fast hand review

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  1. High cold cranking amps for reliable starting power even in cold weather (500 CCA)
  2. Impact-resistant case and cover for durability and protection against shock and vibration
  3. Easy to install with included hardware and compatibility with most UTV models and brands
  4. Maintenance-free design for hassle-free operation
  5. Trusted manufacturer with a proven track record in automotive batteries



Size 6-3/4 x 3-1/4 x 6-1/8 inches
Item Weight 14.6 Pounds
Manufacturer Renegade
Item model number RG20L-WS

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Best utv battery 2023-Complete Buying Guide

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Taking the right steps when purchasing an UTV battery is essential for making sure you’re getting the most out of your money. With so many options available on the market today, it can be difficult to know which one will really give you the best value for your money.

That’s why we’ve put together this buying guide to provide you with all the information you need to know before buying a UTV battery in 2022. In this guide, we will discuss:

  • What types of UTV batteries are available
  • Their advantages and disadvantages compared to other types of batteries
  • Tips for finding the best deals on UTV batteries
  • And more.

By the end of this guide, you should have a better understanding of what to look for when shopping around for a new UTV battery and feel more confident in your decision.

Importance of a reliable UTV battery

It is very important to choose a reliable and long-lasting UTV battery (utility task vehicle battery) for your UTV as it affects various components of the vehicle including its performance, fuel economy, and overall life. A good quality UTV battery boosts the power and efficiency of a vehicle for smoother rides with more torque. It will also provide consistent energy supply even when the terrain gets too rough, enabling you to power your lights and other accessories easily.

If you are in search of a new UTV battery to replace your old one, here is some relevant information to help you make an informed choice. Comparing different models of batteries available on the market may seem daunting at first but following this guide should give you all the necessary details on factors such as:

  • Safety features
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Environmental considerations

that determine what type and brand would be best suited for your needs.

Purpose of the guide

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This comprehensive guide introduces basic facts about UTV batteries types, features and their characteristics. You will also get tips on how to select the best UTV battery for your needs and budget. We have also included a handy buyer’s guide with additional information that should help you make an informed decision when buying a UTV battery.

In our guide, we have provided all of the necessary information regarding UTV batteries, such as capacity and durability ratings, specific technical details on each type of battery available and an outline of the most important safety considerations to consider before selecting the right one for your needs.

We have also outlined major purchasing factors to take into consideration when choosing a UTV battery including:

  • Size and weight
  • Amperage rating
  • Chemistry type
  • Cold cranking amps (CCA)
  • Voltage rating
  • Cycle count
  • Charging system compatibility
  • Warranty coverage

Additionally, we provide tips on ways in which you can maintain your brand-new battery for optimum performance over time as well as methods to extend its life expectancy.

Factors to consider when choosing a UTV battery

When buying UTV batteries, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you select the best one for your vehicle. Here are some of the most important considerations:

  • Amperage and Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): CCA measures the battery’s ability to start a vehicle at low temperatures and is typically measured in amps. The higher the number, the more powerful and reliable it will be in cold weather. Most models have an amp range of 250 to 550 CCA, but it’s important to select just the right size based on your UTV’s engine requirements.
  • Voltage: Voltage refers to how much power a battery provides when running. Generally speaking, more voltage means more power and better performance. A standard repair size for UTVs is 12 volts, with 6-volt batteries also being used for certain older models or race conventions.
  • Battery weight: Battery weight is important to consider because a heavier battery might not fit into certain smaller off-road vehicles or into certain compartments at all. Even if it does fit, a heavier battery can add unwanted weight that affects overall performance on steep hills or packed trails.
  • Power type: There are three primary types of UTV batteries available on the market today – AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), liquid lead acid, or lithium-ion – each with its own set of pros and cons as well as price points.

UTV Model and Year

Before beginning your search for the best UTV battery for your needs, you’ll need to start by identifying the specific make and model of UTV along with the year that it was manufactured. This will help determine which type of battery will be best to use, as not all makes and models are compatible with different types of batteries. Additionally, many batteries have been designed specifically for certain UTVs.

It’s also important to note that not all UTVs produce the same amount of power so it’s important to take into consideration when selecting a battery for your machine. Make sure you understand what type and how many cranking amps (CA) your machine requires, so you can choose a reliable battery option.

Power Requirements

Power requirements are a critical factor when deciding on the best UTV battery. Most conventional batteries for your UTV are rated in ampere hours (Ah). Generally speaking, the higher the Ah rating, the longer the battery will last and provide power for your vehicle. This is especially important if you plan to ride in areas with high elevation, as lower air pressure can reduce a battery’s performance significantly.

You should also compare resistance ratings, or CCA (cold cranking amps) when comparing UTV batteries. CCA indicates how powerful a battery is and how well it will perform in cold temperatures or while you’re running a large accessory like an audio system or winch. Most standard batteries range between 250 and 850CCA; however, some specialized units may have higher ratings.

Battery Capacity

When purchasing a UTV battery, one important factor to consider is the battery’s capacity. This refers to the amount of time it can store energy and how much power it can deliver at once. The higher the capacity, the longer and more reliable the battery will be.

In general, batteries come with ratings that are based on either amp hour (Ah) or cold cranking amps (CCA) ratings. A higher Ah rating usually indicates a better quality battery because it can store more energy than other batteries. In addition, some batteries also come with reserve capacity (RC) ratings that indicate how much energy they can store when discharged at 25 amps for 15 minutes at 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius).

Finally, you will want to consider situation-specific needs such as extreme temperatures or engine type when choosing a UTV battery. Extreme temperatures may reduce the amount of power available from your vehicle’s battery, so look for models that are specifically designed for colder climates if you live in an area where temperatures drop below freezing regularly. Also consider purchasing a dual-purpose battery if your vehicle has multiple electrical systems such as audio gear or headlights that require more power than standard vehicle parts do.

Maintenance and Care

It is important to maintain and care for your UTV battery in order to ensure long-term performance. For best results, you should perform regular maintenance at least every 6 months, or whenever you notice any changes in the battery’s performance. Here are some tips for making sure your UTV battery stays in good condition:

  1. Keep the battery clean. Dirt and debris can build up on the terminals and interfere with the connection between them and the rest of your UTV’s electrical system. To avoid this problem, occasionally check your terminals for dirt or corrosion and wipe them off with a soft cloth.
  2. Check the electrolyte level periodically to make sure it is adequate for the season (summer or winter). If it appears too low, add some distilled water to bring it up to the correct level.
  3. Once a month, make sure all connections are secure by tightening any loose ones and replacing damaged or corroded components as needed.
  4. Always store your UTV’s battery in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources as high temperatures can damage its internal components over time. Additionally, charging your battery should take place at room temperature for best results; if you charge it in a cold location, you may need to use an external source of heat such as blankets or heating pads to keep it warm enough while charging.
  5. Activate large capacity dormant batteries by charging them once a year – this will help keep them in good condition and reduce sulfation buildup on their plates over time.

Importance of battery maintenance

Maintaining your UTV battery is an important step to ensure you get the longest life out of it. This includes checking your battery’s water levels, making sure all connections are clean, and charging it regularly. For optimal performance, it is also recommended that you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance.

It is essential to check the terminals of your battery monthly for any corrosion and clean them with a damp cloth if needed. Additionally, inspect the cables for any signs of wear and tear and replace if necessary. Making sure all connections are secure will help maximize battery efficiency.

Finally, maintaining the appropriate water level in flooded batteries will help ensure they last longer as well as prevent dry-out damage to plates caused by excessive evaporation of electrolyte fluid.

  • Be sure to charge your battery appropriately and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations as overcharging can decrease its lifespan prematurely while undercharging can lead to poor performance or even result in full discharge that could damage your battery irreversibly before its time!
  • When storing or inactive batteries in extended periods (more than 2 weeks) recharge them every 3-4 months with a low output trickle charge rate based on recommended settings from the product manual.

How to extend the life of a UTV battery

Extending the life of your UTV battery can be achieved with proper care and maintenance.

  1. Always ensure your UTV is stored in a cool and dry area when not in use. This will prevent extreme temperatures from damaging the battery, which could cause it to deteriorate faster than when stored properly.
  2. Always charge your battery fully after each ride and make sure to disconnect the power source once it’s fully charged. Overcharging can have a negative effect on your batteries lifespan.
  3. Keep an eye out for corrosion on the terminals of your battery and remove any build up quickly with a cloth or wire brush as this can reduce charging capacity and mess up the electrical connection. Cleaning up corrosions regularly will also help reduce damage over time.
  4. Inspect your battery’s fluid level monthly or after each ride if possible as low fluid levels affects its performance and capacity to hold a charge over time. If the fluid level is below the specified level, use only distilled water to top it off.
  5. Invest in reliable products such as smart chargers or maintenance-free batteries specifically created for UTVs that increase overall performance while prolonging its useful life span overall — saving you money in the process!

Common battery problems and how to solve them

UTVs depend on their batteries to start up efficiently and perform extensive functions throughout the day. But, due to its interaction with moisture, a UTV battery can face several issues over its lifetime that can interfere with its performance. It is important to diagnose common battery problems and take corrective measures quickly before they cause a major problem.

The most common issues faced by UTV batteries are sulfation, corrosion, overcharging, and draining of charge. Sulfation is caused by excessive discharge of the battery cells leaving behind a deposit of solid sulfates on its plate which make it hard for the electrons to move from one cell plate to another. Corrosion occurs when there is accumulation of dirt or debris in the terminals due to leakage or spilling of electrolyte solution resulting in short-circuiting that interferes with the electrical conduction within the battery circuit. Overcharging happens when an inadequate regulator causes overcharging leading to faster destruction of electrodes until the point when it’s no longer reversible – even after proper charging. Draining brings about damage due as disuse or lack of maintenance or negligence in checking for any leakage causing electricity wastage which eventually results in failure of the unit cell’s ability to hold charge anymore.

To prevent these problems from occurring in your UTV battery you should:

  • Regularly monitor your battery voltage levels and ensure that only inputs from a trusted source are applied.
  • Clean any accumulating corrosion with baking soda.
  • Check for any signs moisture around joints or cable ends.
  • Shut off your UTV between trips.
  • Keep an eye out for temperature spikes.
  • Use Desulfators like EZ Battery Reconditioning Program if possible.
  • Regularly pay attention where extreme peak power demands are noticed.
  • Never overcharge your battery beyond 12.6V count if applicable.
  • Level size your charging system accordingly based on necessary current demands.
  • Use appropriate quality charger specific to type & model known manufacturer sources – never generic ones!

With proper maintenance and practices followed, you should be able to enjoy many trouble-free years out on rides!


Evaluating different UTV battery models can be a difficult process, due to the sheer number of options out there. That’s why it’s important to consider the features and specs of each model. Factors like battery capacity, cold-cranking amps, reserve capacity, and the type of battery will all play into your decision. Additionally, you’ll want to decide if you need an AGM or Wet Cell option.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a reliable performance UTV battery that will fit your needs, there is no shortage of options on today’s market. If you weigh all of your factors carefully, taking into account your UTV’s make and year model as well as how often it will be used in varying weather conditions, then ultimately you can find a battery that offers long-lasting power and convenience year after year.


What type of battery is in a UTV?

The type of battery used in a UTV is typically a 12-volt lead-acid battery.

Which battery technology is best?

There is no single best battery technology; several technologies are suitable for different applications. Depending on the specific requirements of the application and the environment in which it is used, the most suitable choice of technology may vary. Common battery technologies include lithium-ion (Li-ion), lead-acid, and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH). Different technologies can offer different advantages, such as improved energy density, longer service life, or better performance in certain environmental conditions.

How long should a UTV battery last?

A properly maintained UTV battery should last up to 4-5 years. It’s important to keep your UTV battery clean, maintained, and recharged regularly to ensure the longest battery life.

Which company is best for lithium-ion battery?

Leading lithium-ion battery companies include Tesla, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, BYD, Narada, CALB, Hitachi, and Ultralife.

How do I maintain my UTV battery?

  1. Keep the battery clean; dirt and grime can cause corrosion on the battery terminals.2. Store the battery in a cool, dry place when not in use. 3. Periodically check the battery’s electrolyte levels and top up with distilled water as needed.4. Charge the battery according to its manufacturer’s instructions.5. Ensure the terminals are tight and not corroded.6. Only use UTV-specific charging cables. 7. Avoid completely draining the battery’s charge.8. Inspect the battery case often to check for any signs of swelling.

How many volts is a UTV battery?

UTV batteries typically range in voltage from 12 volts (12V) to 24 volts (24V), depending on the model and its individual specifications.

Can you charge a UTV battery?

Yes, you can charge a UTV battery using a 12-volt battery charger, or a specialized deep cycle UTV battery charger.

Can I use a car battery in my UTV?

Yes, you can use a car battery in a UTV, as long as it meets the correct specifications. The battery must match the output voltage, current draw, and mounting configuration of your UTV’s electrical setup. If it is not a direct, perfect fit, you can make modifications to adapt it. Consult a qualified technician to make sure the battery is installed correctly and safely.

Will a UTV run without a battery?

No, a UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) will not run without a battery. The battery provides a source of energy and power to the engine, so without it, the vehicle will not start.

Can you use a deep cycle battery in a UTV?

Yes, a deep cycle battery can be used in a UTV, but it is important to note that deep cycle batteries are designed to deliver a steady amount of energy over an extended period of time, while UTVs may require more power to start the vehicle or operate accessories. It is important to choose an appropriate size and type of battery that is compatible with the UTV and its required power level.

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